Somizi On The R1 Million Cash Gift From Why Bathu Founder Theo Baloyi

Enjoying an amazing existence with Somizi has turned into a staple for most as the unscripted TV drama has turned into a road for uncovering generally secret and once in a while absolutely obscure parts of the socialite’s life.

As of late, for example, Somizi had uncovered that Bathu organizer Theo Baloyi gifted him R1 million in real money. However, how could he gift the unscripted TV drama judge that much cash? Somizi himself gave replies.

As per him, Theo provided him with a couple of shows and advised him to wear them and post them. Yet, Somizi didn’t like things as such. He said he can’t stand it when individuals advise him to post. All things considered, he cherishes doing it however he sees fit.

In any case, he took the shoe. Yet, he didn’t wear it for around 90 days. At the point when he at last chose to wear it, the choice incredibly affected the brand. Deals jumped perfectly. From around 500 to 1000 shoes Bathu used to sell a month, the number expanded so much Theo was intrigued.

So in appreciation, he had gifted Somizi R1 million when the unscripted TV drama judge appeared at his office. Somizi declined the gift, notwithstanding. He said the cash was Theo’s and Theo ought to be the one to spend it.

A delightful kinship and a lovely story, yes?

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