There are hundreds of thousands of scholarships and financial support schemes available across Europe for international students interested in studying here.

These opportunities vary widely: some scholarships cover partial tuition fees, while others cover all tuition fees and provide additional support for living costs. While competition can be fierce, exploring these options is highly worthwhile.

Here are some key avenues to explore European higher education scholarships and funding opportunities:

Scholarship opportunities across European countries
Every European country offers its own array of scholarship programs. Visit the country profiles section of this website to delve into specific scholarship opportunities per country.

Erasmus scholarship opportunities
Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees
These scholarships encompass program participation costs, travel expenses, and living allowances.

Participate in an Erasmus+ exchange
Through the Erasmus+ program, international students can spend between 3 and 12 months studying in one of 33 European countries as part of their academic journey.

Erasmus+ students are exempt from paying tuition fees during their time abroad. Some students may also qualify for grants covering living costs and travel expenses.

Additionally, opportunities exist for European students to study at partner higher education institutions outside Europe. To qualify, students must attend a higher education institution participating in the Erasmus+ program. Inquire with your university or visit the higher education in Europe page of this website to learn more.

Other methods to locate scholarships in Europe
This database features over 1,000 scholarships available across Europe and beyond. Users can filter scholarships by desired level of study, country of origin, and preferred study destination to find scholarships that align with their profile.

Find scholarships to study in Europe

The EURAXESS website provides information on funding schemes across Europe for research positions, fellowships, and doctoral studies. Visit EURAXESS national portals for detailed insights into opportunities within each country.

Explore the EURAXESS national portals

In addition to the aforementioned programs, many universities, research institutes, and higher education establishments offer their own scholarships and financial assistance. Explore their websites to discover available opportunities.

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