Are foreign undergraduates eligible for UK student loans?

One of the most popular destinations for overseas students to study is the United Kingdom. It’s understandable why it’s such a popular option given its reputation for offering top-notch education, plenty of job possibilities for recent graduates, and proximity to some of the world’s best universities.

It makes natural that you’re wondering if there are international student loans, though, since tuition costs for overseas students in the UK are far greater than those for local students.

This blog will discuss:

  • International students’ tuition expenses in the UK
  • Does the UK offer loans to international students?
  • loans for overseas students in your nation of origin
  • Programs for international exchange
  • Grants and scholarships for overseas students

International students’ tuition expenses in the UK

The annual ceiling on undergraduate tuition for UK students is £9,250; sadly, there is no cap on tuition for overseas students. This implies that tuition fees at universities are free to set their own prices, which might differ significantly throughout institutions. Tuition for a year can range from £11,000 to £38,000 for some courses!

Does the UK offer loans to international students?

In order to support your academic endeavors, UK students are eligible for both a maintenance loan and a tuition fee. Student Finance states that you would have received up to £13,022 for maintenance (if you’re living in London and away from your parents) and up to £9,250 for undergraduate tuition for the 2022–2023 academic year.

But, in order to be eligible for these loans, you must be a citizen of the United Kingdom and have been residing there for at least three years prior to the commencement of your degree. Therefore, these loans are ineligible for international students, and regrettably, there are no additional government loans available to them while they are studying in the UK.

The good news is that foreign students studying in the UK have access to a few different financing sources. Below, we’ll discuss a few of these choices.

Loans for overseas students in your nation of origin

You may be eligible to receive a student loan from your home country in order to study abroad, depending on your place of origin. For instance, if you’re an American student studying overseas, you may be eligible for a private study loan.

Programs for international exchange

While completing a semester or year abroad or taking part in an exchange program is a very different experience from completing your degree program studies in the UK, it can be a fantastic alternative. In the event that you receive a student loan in your nation of origin, this may afford the cost of studying abroad for a year or simply a semester. Furthermore, if you’ve never been to or lived in the UK, spending a semester there could help you choose if you want to return to study there in the future.

Bursaries, grants, and scholarships

Numerous foreign students who study in the UK are able to finance their education through scholarships, some of which are intended especially for foreign students. But keep in mind that the majority of these scholarships won’t pay for your entire living expenses and tuition. Keep in mind that the majority of these grants, bursaries, and scholarships are intended for PhD or postgraduate students rather than undergraduates.

Which kinds of scholarships are offered to students from abroad?

For foreign students who wish to study in the UK, there are numerous scholarship options. Many, however, are extremely competitive and have fairly stringent entry standards. The primary categories of scholarships will be discussed here.

-scholarships for academia. These are given to overseas students who maintain a strong academic record and receive exceptional results.
scholarships based on subjects. These are given to pupils who excel in a particular subject. Usually, the pertinent university department offers them.
-scholarships determined by performance. These are given to kids who excel in a certain activity, such as drama, music, dance, or sports.

-scholarships for people with disabilities. These are provided to assist overseas students who need more help, have a handicap, a long-term medical condition, a mental health issue, or difficulties studying.
-scholarships particular to a nation. International students from a specific nation or region are given these. They’ll probably come with additional qualifying conditions.
-scholarships for sanctuary or equal access. Refugees and asylum seekers who have fled persecution in their home country are eligible for this financial assistance.

Funding for international students pursuing undergraduate degrees

Scholarships, grants, bursaries, and fee waivers are available to international students from universities, private organizations, and charitable groups. Visit the website of the university of your choice or do a database search online, such as

International students’ postgraduate funding

There are numerous government-sponsored scholarship programs available to postgraduate students who want to study in the United Kingdom.

The three primary scholarships offered by the UK government are:

GREAT Scholarships. Students from 14 different countries can apply for these scholarships in a variety of topic areas. For postgraduate courses that last one year and are taught, they provide £10,000 toward the tuition costs.
Scholarships from Chevening. One of the most prominent and fiercely competitive foreign scholarships is this one. It offers complete funding for master’s programs in the UK, covering living costs, tuition, and round-trip airfare.
Scholarships from the Commonwealth. Students from Commonwealth nations who would not otherwise be able to afford to study in the UK can apply for these scholarships.

PhD financial aid for students from abroad

International students studying for a PhD in the UK have many funding alternatives available to them. There are two primary sources of funding available for PhD programs: PhD studentships and PhD grants and scholarships.

We’ve covered all you need to know in our comprehensive blog post, “PhD funding for international students.”

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