When you think about Australia, what first image or thought comes to mind? Is it the iconic kangaroo, the magnificent Sydney Opera House, or some other outstanding work of architecture? A modern architectural marvel, the Opera House is a representation of Australia due to its distinctive shell-shaped appearance. A wide range of topics that bridge the divide between the humanities and sciences can benefit greatly from the creative experience that architecture offers.

Studying architecture in Australia piqued your interest because of the variety of production techniques and technologies available, which inspire you to envision many design results and produce the greatest models, prototypes, and designs. Consequently, if you want to study architecture in Australia, they are created a comprehensive reference on the top architecture schools in Australia, including information on admission requirements, tuition, popular specializations, career opportunities, and much more.

Scholarships, grants, and financial support

Why Enroll in Australian Architecture Courses?

Architecture aims to introduce you to a wide range of innovative designs and develop your mastery of the fundamentals of architectural design. In addition, the following are some further justifications for studying architecture in Australia:

  • Quality Education: Australia is widely known for its high standards of academic achievement, technical and industrial practical learnings, and sophisticated knowledge of architectural design approaches. You will be equipped to function at a professional level in the practice of architecture and other design-based industries thanks to the world-class faculties and course content offered by universities.
  • Top Universities: Given that Australia is home to the top architecture university in the world, studying architecture there is a popular option for international students. In the Top 231 QS World Subject Rankings in Architecture and Built Environment 2022, about 16 universities are ranked. Additionally, eight of them—including Sydney Architecture University and University of Melbourne—have been classified among the top eight.
  • Opportunities for a Career: Australian Job Outlook projects that during the next five years, there will be 9,000 more job opportunities than there are now, with over 1800 new positions created annually. In comparison to average jobs across the country, demand for architects and architectural designers is expected to increase by 9% every 15 months.
  • Greater Salary: Australian graduates in architecture receive very competitive pay. Plus, it’s fulfilling. For example, in Australia, the average pay for an architect is 122,823 AUD, or 16.81 AUD per hour. The starting salary for entry-level roles is 88,724 AUD annually, while the highest-level employees may make over 150,000 AUD annually.

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